What are your business hours?

Office hours: Thursday - Sunday 10AM - 8PM

Open to Public: Friday - Sunday 10AM - 8PM

There are additional hours by certain businesses. Please go to the business's page you are interested in for more information.

What types of things do you sell here?

 Interior Decorating
Restaurant Specialties
  Tuxedo Rentals
 Beauty Supplies
Cell Phone Accessories
Wedding Dresses
 Arts and Crafts
Quinceañera Dresses
  Sound Systems
 Auto Accessories
 Party Supplies
Video Games/Game Systems
 Hair Cuts
 Music and Video Stores
 Insurance and Financial Advisors
Health Plan Community Services
 Religious Items
 Candy Stores
 Gift Shops

Do you have any restaurants at this location?

Yes we do. Take a look at our vendors to see what kinds of food is sold here at Market Place Austin

What other events do you have here?

Community Events - There are a variety of events throughout the year for the community. Keep checking for upcoming events.

Private Events - We offer a party hall for private events here at Market Place Austin. Look at our party hall page for more information.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, We offer a variety of goods and services that range from interior designing to rental and planning of spaces for private and public events.

Is there an entrance fee?

No, Entrance to Market Place Austin is FREE. We don't charge for parking and we don't charge for you to enter.

How clean are your facilities?

We pride ourselves in having a very clean facility. Our maintenance team is on top of things and our restrooms are always clean.